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 Gundam 00 Cards Request

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PostSubject: Gundam 00 Cards Request   Gundam 00 Cards Request Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2015 7:42 pm

So I'm terrible at coding and can't seem to get most of these effects to work right. I've added them to the game and everything, but when it comes to scripting, i'm stumped. I've tried several methods and I just cant get the hang of it. I'm really at the end of my rope here. So I was wondering if anyone more adept at lua scripting than I could be ever so kind to help me out.
I've made the "Gundam" Archetype 666 and the "GN" Archetype 667.

There are 14 cards in total.

I wanted to create a Synchro Archetype that could keep up with Pendulums such as Qli's or Odd Eyes Magicians.

The Deck focuses on searching "Gundam" and "GN" cards to swarm the field to quickly summon the stronger Synchro monsters of the Archetype, and quickly OTK.

Each of the non-tuner "Gundam" monsters have an effect that reflect their portrayal in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 anime (source material)
Gundam Exia (Melee Mobile Suit) - Piercing Damage
Gundam Dynames (Sniper) - MST
Gundam Kyrios (Transformable Mobile Suit - Changing Battle Positions
Gundam Virtue (Has the ability to purge its armor into a second form (Nadleeh)) - Destruction Prevention
Exia and Dynames can search out other "Gundam" cards other than themselves while Kyrios and Virtue can search out the "GN" support cards.

GN Particle Supply can be used to recycle the deck's resources.
GN Field, can help mantain field presence.
Trans-AM reflects the Trans-AM ability of the Gundams that possess original GN Drives in the anime.
The support cards such as GN Reverse, GN Tactics, GN Return allow the Deck to switch quickly between its monsters.

The tuner monster of the Archetype, 0 Gundam, can trigger the searching effect of the other Gundam monsters to set up for combos.

The Synchro Monsters for the Archetype have effects that protect themselves while also clearing the opponent's field to make way for swift OTKs.

00 Gundam's effect of attacking all monsters once each reflects its high offensive power displayed in the anime. The banishing effect is a reference to a quote from the pilot, Setsuna F Seiei: "00 Gundam, Eliminating Targets"

Cherudim Gundam's effect of destroying set cards is a reference to its sniper role in the anime. The "Gundam" tokens it summons are references to the Bits the mobile suit is equipped with. In the anime, the bits could be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Note: Trans-AM cannot be used on 00 Gundam. In addition to balancing the card, it also reflects the 00 Gundam having an unstable Trans-AM in the anime.

Gundam 00 Cards Request Jflmqo10
Gundam 00 Cards Request N97hat10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Riujn610
Gundam 00 Cards Request Qjqxsw10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Jixhwv10
Gundam 00 Cards Request 827mki10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Jtnpbd10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Dkdrui10
Gundam 00 Cards Request R67rxy10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Fuxodc10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Melmgn10
Gundam 00 Cards Request V1ilky10
Gundam 00 Cards Request Ek6adw10
Gundam 00 Cards Request 65dtns10
Gallery for easy access:https://imgur.com/a/Onqwg
I would be so thankful if someone could help me here.
Just in case it's needed, these are the IDs i've linked them to
99990001 Gundam Exia
99990002 Gundam Dynames
99990003 Gundam Kyrios
99990004 Gundam Virtue
99990005 Trans-AM
99990006 GN Particle Resupply
99990007 GN Field
99990008 GN Return
99990009 GN Tactics
99990010 GN Reverse
99990011 0 Gundam
99990012 00 Gundam
99990013 Cherudim Gundam
99999999 00 Raiser
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Gundam 00 Cards Request Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gundam 00 Cards Request   Gundam 00 Cards Request Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2015 11:40 pm

Well a few things:

Piercing battle damage happens during damage calculation. Unless you want it to deal burn damage (effect damage, not battle damage) to your opponent equal to the difference in your monster's ATK vs the opp's monster's DEF after damage calculation. This is for exia.

PSCT is not a big deal here cause I've seen a bunch without it, but if you want ppl to script it right the first time it would be nice to practice it. None of these effects activate (no colons or semi-colons) so realistically dynames wouldn't even target, it would just destroy a spell/trap on the field right after it was summoned, before your opponent could chain anything to the summon.

I could try a few but I've been busy lately. You could check this thread to see if you can learn anything you haven't yet. IDK if you have already though.
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Gundam 00 Cards Request

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