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 An easier way to share packs

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An easier way to share packs Empty
PostSubject: An easier way to share packs   An easier way to share packs Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2015 2:04 am

The other day I was talking to someone on DN about YGOhack. He's the guy that picks up the slack when it takes ygopro forever to update.

Anyways, I was watching his video tutorial for how to apply "updates" to ygopro with the new cards, right now he's already on crossover souls and clash of rebellion. The tutorial shows you how to get all those cards WITHOUT needing third party applications except 7zip or winrar but most people should be familiar with those anyways). In fact I'll link it in a spoiler.

Tutorial by ygohack137:

Quick rundown of what you do to download and add custom cards to ygopro:
1. Download a card pack file, it should be a 7zip or .rar file, not a zip file.

2. Extract the contents of that file on your desktop or wherever.

3. Double click the folder that was extracted.

4. Here you should see 4 folders: deck, expansions, pics and script. If not, double click the folder you see and you should see them. You may not see the deck folder though and that's fine. Copy the folders into your clipboard. Then open your ygopro folder (ygopro-1.033.3Percy-full or something like that). Paste the files you copied here. Or you can drag and drop them here.

5. It'll ask if you're ok with merging the folders together. Click yes. If it asks if you'd like to REPLACE them and not MERGE them, hit no. It shouldn't though; but that's something I worried about when I first saw the tutorial. Hopefully it knows to merge them.

6. And that's it, you're done. Before you delete the 7zip (or .rar) and extracted file, you should open ygopro and check it to see if you did get the cards in the pack. In all of mine, I'll be putting a deck folder, so you should see a new deck in your drop-down menu, even if it's just a 2 card archetype support pack.

You can still share zip files if you'd like, I think this way is easier on everybody though. Any questions, ask, or watch the video.
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An easier way to share packs

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