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 Ban Lists for MackPro?

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Ban Lists for MackPro? Empty
PostSubject: Ban Lists for MackPro?   Ban Lists for MackPro? Icon_minitimeSat Dec 20, 2014 7:45 pm

I know keeping the normal lists for the main game up to date would be a good idea but we also need to figure out what to do about our custom and anime cards we got over here.

The main method would be to have people be able to create their own banlists by being able to pick any card in the game and say if it is banned, limited, semi-limited, or unlimited.  Also being able to port banlists over from other YGOPro built games like DevPro or YGOPro itself would also help us keep us as well.

Now as for custom and anime cards we're going to need to either have someone who is fairly neutral do the lists or some kind of voting system in place for banlists.  Like say you for for a banlist with a banlist for example.  In this cards cards that end up on the most banlists made by players that get submitted would be on the new one at the named limit levels.  In this case lesser limit would win out if there is a tie between ban levels for a card. 

Keep in mind there are many ways to do this but this one might help us the most if we wanted a common banlist to go off of each format.  The other thing we could do is simply gather everyone's banlists and send them out to all the players in batches saving us the trouble of deciding on a central banlist from the mess. Smile

Own Archetypes being worked on: RoseHarpie, OrbLit, Crystal Elemental (No cards yet on the last one).

Current Hamachi Room that isn't full:
Name: StormWing120V3
Pass: 1234

Discord Channel: Instant Invite Let me know if this fails to work right.  If it fully works it'll replace the Hamachi above.

Keep in mind these below are just estimates and even if it says 100% it only means what is needed for the main dueling deck is done
RoseHarpie 50% finished but no code or images
OrbLit 80% finished some images but no code
Crystal Elemental 0% finished
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Ban Lists for MackPro? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ban Lists for MackPro?   Ban Lists for MackPro? Icon_minitimeThu Dec 25, 2014 1:27 am

Another possibility could be that you make a banlist for the cards you make since the creator of a card should know best how to berserk with it^^

Ban Lists for MackPro? Favori12
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Ban Lists for MackPro?

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