a place for all your custom card needs you can post scripts pics and request for card to be made also please donate to the funding for a new server made for custom card duels
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 Was away for a long time

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Project Leviamon

Project Leviamon

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Was away for a long time Empty
PostSubject: Was away for a long time   Was away for a long time Icon_minitimeSat Jan 11, 2014 3:22 pm

Haven't been paying much attention to the site and for that i am sorry. The reason i was away for so long was mostly because on my new computer Ygopro runs really slowly. I'm not sure whats the issue but it prevents me from testing cards i script which means i cannot do card requests that require "advanced" lua scripting experience. I can still help in scripting cards and finding problems, but i might pass on cards that have really complicated effects like "Relinquished"(for the life of me i cannot understand what it does without reading the actual effect)

I will also be making my own archetype when i'm bored, but before it comes close to going into Mackpro i will probably need card testers to test them frequently. Another downside is that i also cannot check strategies that work and don't work so whenever my archetype becomes OP or UP depends on what other people make out of it.


My new computer runs Ygopro really slowly
Because of that i cannot help in making complicated archetypes and cards
I can still help with basic cards and problems
I will make my own Archetype when i'm bored but it will require card testers if people want it to hit Mackpro

Not the best at scripting, but will help if I can. Really busy lately tho :/

Youtube Channel

Dark Army vs Elemental Dragons

Planned Archetypes:
-Persona Card
-Dark Army
-Elemental Dragons
-END (tons and tons of cards made in card maker)
-Chained Dragons (lost in a computer meltdown, will redo eventually)
-RWBY (thinking of making these)
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Was away for a long time Empty
PostSubject: Re: Was away for a long time   Was away for a long time Icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 3:18 pm

Well then, welcome back, Project Leviamon. 

Whilst I would love to help you test your cards, I'm afraid that I screwed up the card manager (or the cards.dbs), as I can't run it as administrator without it not even showing up after selecting the dbs-file... and running it as anything else has proven impossible, at least if I want to add new cards...

Anyway, like I said, welcome back Smile


Was away for a long time 20800
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Was away for a long time

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