a place for all your custom card needs you can post scripts pics and request for card to be made also please donate to the funding for a new server made for custom card duels
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Mackpro - Registration Agreement Terms
Please Follow all these rules

1.) No spamming. this includes one word posts and double posting. If this action is repeated continously after staff have asked you to stop warning points and bans will be handed out accordingly.

2.) No Harassment. Jokes and fun are fine but if a user does not like something please stop doing it; continuing to do it will be considered harassment. If harassment happens in the chatbox you will receive a warning point and a kick from the chatbox. Do it one more time and your chatbox privileges Will be taken away until we decide you are ready to join it again.

If Harassment happens in a post/thread i will take a picture of the harassment and pm it to you asking you to stop and then delete the post. Continuing to do it after i have asked you to stop will result in a warning point and a ban.

3.) Multiple accounts. This is not allowed unless you have siblings that go on here as well. extra accounts on your ip will be deleted unless you inform us that its your siblings or family.

4.) Proxy ips. If you use a proxy to ban evade it will be banned and your account will be permad.

5.) Disrespect. Same as harassment its not allowed and punishments will vary.

6.) Sexual harassment. This is an automatic ban Sexual harassment will simply not be tolerated.

7.) Necro posting, Posting in a topic that is 30 days or more old is not allowed unless its your topic and your adding something crucial and vof vital importance.